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Maine Coon
TICA Ch.Amkat Angel of Herbykatz
Born in New York on 27th, Aug., 1994
breeder (s)
: Gerri & Kasper Bonsignore
sire : GRC Navkatz Free Spirit of Coonpulsive
dam : Ch.Amkatz Juliette
color : White

She boasts of her beautiful, snow white coat and ideally-positioned large ears.
As the name goes, she is an "angel" whose beauty stands out of the other cats.
Despite her graceful appearance, she is strong-minded. She behaves as if she were saying "I am beautiful".
She is a very good mother, and her babies are always clean and shiny.
The only thing is that she has increased weight recently. Maybe you need to be on diet, my sweet Angel.

Angel Angel Angel