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DUNE (Neutered)
Maine Coon
TICA QGC Pandomainea Dune of Herbykatz
Born in Calgary, Canada, on 10th , Nov.,1995
sire : SGC Pandomainea Stardust
dam : Kachinakats Gypsy of Pandomainea
breeder : Gerri Bucsko
color : Red Silver Classic Tabby

He is physically a grown-up, but mentally remains a "naughty boy". He is always pushy and that makes him involved in fights from time to time. He somehow doesn't get along with TOTORO and AKANE. He loves visitors, making himself the best "receptionist" in my cattery. He is always seeking affection, and still follows around "girls". He is the happiest fellow in my cattery.
He is the princess of my cattery.