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KAEDE (Spayed)
Maine Coon
TICA GCH Hebykatz Kaede
Born on 2nd April 1998
sire : RW CH Herbykatz Muga
dam : TICA CH Pinecoon Flower of Herbykatz
color : Brown Classic Tabby & White

Kaede is a third-generation of cats born in my cattery. Her daughter HANA has gone back to Pinecoon, from which her bloodline originates. HANA is an excellent show cat and obtained SGC status. Although she is usually silent, she is very strong. Maybe she is the behind-the-scenes boss of my cattery. She has a large body and excellent quality of hair. She is very clever and good at massaging our backs! Unfortunatly, I had to spay her after her first delivery because she suffered from uterus empyema.

Kaede Kaede Kaede