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AKANE (Spayed)
Maine Coon
Wildgideon Bound Charmant
Born in Tokyo
on 25th, Oct. 1989
Sire: Grace Heart's Brown Quest
Dam: Erreuno Libra
Color: Brown Mackerel Tabby

Akane is my first Maine Coon, who made me attracted to the breed. She ended up not having any kitten because I couldn't find any suitable partner for her - in those days it was very difficult to find a Maine Coon breeder in Japan. She developed a mammary gland tumor when she was six years old and had a major, three-and -half-hour operation to eliminate the mammary gland. Fortunately it was a benign tumor and she has been doing well. She is like a big sister, strict to the other cats but gentle to humans. These days she has some problems with her teeth because of age. Akane, please live a long life.

Akane Akane Akane